Is Gracia a good place to stay in Barcelona? My Honest Opinion in 2024

Gracia is one of the coolest parts of Barcelona, but should you stay there? In this post, I'll explain what the deal is with Gracia.

gracia barcelona

Barcelona is a big city, and picking the right area to stay can really make or break your trip.

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Barcelona four times and gotten to know its different areas quite well (I’m even heading back soon for the Primavera Festival).

But one particular area won my heart a few years back – Gracia, of course.

Kristoffer Fons from Destination Well Known in Barcelona
Yours truly in Park Güell near Gracia.

In this post, I’ll share some personal insights about this place and answer a question many travelers ask: Is Gracia a good place to stay in Barcelona?

I really like Gracia, but I’ve noticed some misconceptions about it online. Let’s clear those up and give you a real feel for what it’s like to stay there.

Where is Gracia and what is it known for?

From my visits to Barcelona, Gracia always stands out as a neighborhood with its own character.

Barcelona Skyline

Once a separate town until Barcelona annexed it in 1897, this district retains a distinct feel with its compact streets and vibrant community squares, such as Plaça de la Virreina and Plaça del Sol​​.

Plaza in Gracia

I’ve always enjoyed the laid-back ambiance of Gracia’s many plazas, perfect for sipping coffee or enjoying meals outside.

park guell
Park Güell just north of Gracia.

Where some of the other famous areas of Barcelona can feel a bit over-touristy sometimes, Gracia is still an area where the locals come together and enjoy the many bars and cafés.

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You should also check out my huge guide on the best areas and places to stay in Barcelona for a full rundown of the city’s top areas.

My 5 favourite things to do in Gracia

Food in Barcelona
There are a lot of excellent restaurants in Gracia.

I genuinely believe that Gracia is one of the best places to stay in Barcelona, so here are my five favorite things to do in this lovely area.

Dining at Tapeo Gràcia

This is a must for any food lover. Tapeo Gràcia offers a delightful selection of tapas that are both inventive and deeply rooted in Spanish culinary traditions.

It’s a fantastic spot to dive into dishes like patatas bravas or squid ink croquettes, each bursting with flavor.

Sipping Vermouth at Vermuteria Puigmartí

No visit to Gracia is complete without stopping by Vermuteria Puigmartí. This cozy spot is perfect for enjoying a glass of vermouth, a beloved local aperitif.

Pair your drink with olives or anchovies for a truly authentic experience.

Relaxing at Plaça del Sol

It’s a pleasure just sitting and soaking up the atmosphere at Plaça del Sol. It’s a popular gathering place for locals, often filled with the sounds of conversation, laughter, and occasionally live music.

The plaza’s vibrant scene gives you a genuine feel for Gracia’s everyday life and culture.

Exploring the Artisan Shops

Gracia has so many small, independent shops where local artisans sell their crafts.

From handmade jewelry to bespoke clothing and unique home decor, browsing these shops is not only a way to find one-of-a-kind items but also to support local artists and artisans.

Visiting Casa Vicens

For architecture enthusiasts, Casa Vicens, one of Gaudí’s first major works, is a must-see. This house is less frequented by tourists than other Gaudí buildings in Barcelona, offering a more serene experience.

The design and details of the building reflect the innovative spirit of Gaudí and provide insight into the early stages of his remarkable career in architecture.

If you’re looking for more stuff, check out my guide to the best things to see and do in Barcelona.

Why you should stay in Gracia

travel blogger in Barcelona
I’m always happy in Barcelona 😀

If you’re looking to really explore what Barcelona offers beyond the usual tourist spots, Gracia is the place to stay.

It’s just a stone’s throw from Barcelona’s main tourist areas, but it’s totally different from places like the Rambla or the Gothic Quarter.

Gracia Barcelona
Gracia is one of the best places to stay in Barcelona for younger travelers.

This part of Barcelona is a haven for anyone in their 20s or 30s – or, frankly, anyone drawn to a more authentic local vibe. Gracia’s lively plazas, quirky shops, and local festivals make it an insider’s gem.

Here, you can blend in with the locals, sip coffee in artsy cafes, and experience Barcelona through the eyes of those who call it home.

My 2 favourite places to stay in Gracia

As Gracia isn’t one of the main touristy areas in Barcelona, there aren’t many hotels to choose from. But there are some!

So let me share two of my favorite places to stay in Gracia below – the first one even has a swimming pool.

The Catalonia Gracia is one of the best places to stay in Gracia.

Catalonia Gracia, hotel with pool in Gracia

This hotel is all about comfort and convenience and is located in the heart of Gracia. What sets this place apart is its lovely swimming pool – a rare find in hotels in this part of Barcelona.

Catalonia Gracia, one of the best places to stay in Gracia

With its prime location, you’re just steps away from quirky shops, local eateries, and the dynamic street life that makes Gracia special.

See more photos & book here.

At Le Palacete powered by Sonder, you’re staying near Park Güell, one of Barcelona’s most famous sites.

Le Palacete Gracia

You can expect stylish and comfortable rooms, equipped with everything you need for quick visits and extended stays.

Street in Gracia
Get ready to explore the cozy streets of Gracia.

Including a fully equipped kitchen means you can save some money on eating out if you like.

It’s an ideal place to stay if you’re keen to soak up the local culture of Gracia while enjoying upscale, self-sufficient accommodations.

See more photos & book here.

See more hotels in Gracia here.

Who should not stay in Gracia?


There might be better choices than Gracia if you’re a typical tourist looking to hit all the major sights effortlessly or if you’re traveling with children. 

The streets of Gracia can be narrow and sometimes hilly, potentially challenging for families with strollers or those who prefer less walking. 

It’s also not the easiest area to get to from Barcelona Airport.

If you come to Barcelona looking for quick, easy access to iconic landmarks and more tourist-oriented services, you might find areas closer to the city center more convenient and accommodating.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve got another guide that mentions more areas and hotels in Barcelona.

I hope this post convinced to why staying in Gracia is an excellent idea. Let me know if you have any questions about the area or Barcelona in general.

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