How To: Bangkok Airport to City Centre in 30 minutes ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ

Getting from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City Centre is relatively easy. In this guide, I'll share the best ways to get to your hotel as quickly as possible.

Bangkok Thailand Transport

Landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) marks the beginning of an adventure in a city where tradition and modernity fuse in fascinating ways.

Planning a last minute trip to Bangkok? ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ
Here are some of my favourite places to stay & things to do:

๐Ÿ›Œ Places to Stay:
1. Eastin Grand Phaya Thai (incredible luxury hotel with 2 rooftop pools)
2. Sindhorn Midtown Hotel (best breakfast buffet I've ever had & a nice rooftop pool)
3. Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom (nice location and incredible value for money)

๐ŸŽŸ๏ธย Top Activities & Tours:
1. Take a private tour and visit the top temples in Bangkok
2. Go on a guided bike tour around the city (I loved this!)
3. Explore the floating market & the railway market

โœˆ๏ธ If you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport from abroad, I highly recommend booking the fast-track immigration service - the lines can get pretty long.

After my fourth trip to Thailand, I’ve mastered the art of getting from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city centre of Bangkok as easily and quickly as possible.

Kristoffer Fรธns from Destination Well Known in Bangkok
I love Bangkok and I’m sure you will too!

Please note that there are two airports in Bangkok: Suvarnabhumi is the main international airport whereas Don Mueang is the older and smaller airport.

Let me share the essentials for travelers seeking the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reach the center, honed by personal experience and a keen interest in transportation logistics.

This guide strips away the fluff, focusing on the crucial details for a smooth transition from touchdown to city exploration.

So, let’s get started: how to get from Bangkok Airport to the city centre?

Airport Rail Link

Bangkok Airport Rail Link
You can take the airport train directly to the city centre of Bangkok in about 30 minutes.

On my first few trips to Bangkok I took a taxi, but on my last trip where I stayed in a great hotel near Phaya Thai Station, I wanted to try the Airport Rail Link.

Taking the airport train from Bangkok Airport to the city centre was such a breeze and I’d encourage everyone reading this guide to consider this option.

airport train in Bangkok

Undoubtedly the fastest and most cost-effective method, the Airport Rail Link (ARL) zips you into downtown Bangkok with commendable speed and efficiency.

After landing, follow the signs to the train station in the airportโ€™s basement.

Suvarnabhumi airport train station
The station is in the basement of the airport.

Main stations in Bangkok

Bangkok metro
Bangkok Metro map – touch the station you’re going to and buy the ticket, it’s super easy.

The ARL, no longer offering an express line, makes local stops, including a significant one at Makkasan Station (where you can change to the Bangkok Metro), approximately 35 minutes away.

This station is pivotal for some travelers, but the line continues to Phaya Thai Station, where you can connect to the Skytrain network.

Timetable & price

Trains depart every 15 minutes from 5:30 AM to midnight, with fares ranging from 15 to 45 baht, ensuring that you can reach your destination affordably, with the ride to Makkasan costing 35 baht and to Phaya Thai 45 baht.

45 baht is around $1.23, by the way.

It’s fairly easy to use the self-service ticket machines, but there is also staffed ticket kiosks where you can buy tickets from an English speaking member of staff.

If you haven’t booked your hotel in Bangkok yet, I’d recommend reading my guide on the best areas & places to stay – in that guide, I’m mentioning many lovely hotels near stations where you can catch the Airport Rail Link.

Official taxis

Bangkok taxis
You can’t take a TukTuk from the airport – the taxis are yellow and green like the one on the left here ๐Ÿ˜€

For travelers valuing direct access to their destination or those carrying significant luggage, opting for a metered taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport presents a convenient solution.

Taxi rank with English speaking staff

Taxis rank at Suvarnabhumi Airport
The taxi rank at Suvarnabhumi Airport – everything runs smoothly here.

Upon clearing customs and immigration, head to the first level to locate the official taxi rank, where a structured system ensures a smooth transition to city travel.

At this queue, a desk clerk who speaks English will assist you by recording your destination – having it written in Thai is highly recommended for clarity – and assigning you to your next available driver.

Taxi meter = fair price

Unique to the airport experience, taxis from this official rank operate strictly on a metered basis, contrasting with the often reluctant use of meters by city-centre taxis.

This ensures transparency in fare calculation, starting with a base rate plus a 50 baht airport surcharge and any applicable expressway tolls, which could increase your total by an additional 70 baht or more, depending on your final stop in Bangkok.

Sometimes the taxi driver will ask you to pay the tolls directly and sometimes he will wait until your final destination and add it to your bill.

This metered approach from the airport guarantees a fair pricing structure right from the start, devoid of the bargaining or overcharging scenarios commonly faced when hailing taxis in the city center.

With traffic conditions as a variable, the overall cost remains within a reasonable bracket of around 250-500 baht depending on your final destination and the traffic on the day.

Taxi apps in BKK Airport

There’s also the option of using an app like Grab if you don’t want to use the official taxis.

However, I’d only use an app if there was a long line to the taxi rank, but I haven’t had that happen to me ever at BKK Airport.

The app also works in Phuket and Krabi.

Pre-booked taxis

Bangkok public transport rush hour
Beat the public transport rush hour with a pre-booked taxi.

For those who prioritize a straightforward and worry-free arrival in Bangkok, considering a pre-booked taxi service such as Welcome Pickups could be beneficial.

It provides a level of predictability and ease not always found with on-the-spot transportation choices, featuring an English-speaking driver who meets you at arrivals, ready to help with luggage and lead you to your pre-arranged ride.

Price for a pre-booked taxi from BKK Airport

Choosing a service like Welcome Pickups costs around 25 euros / 27 USD more than the usual fare for local taxis.

One of the standout features of Welcome Pickups is its transparent pricing.

With a clear upfront price, it eliminates the need for negotiation and provides a straightforward cost structure, which can be particularly appealing for those looking to avoid the potential hassle of negotiating fares or navigating the public transport system fresh off a long flight.

This option might only be for some, given the added expense compared to other modes of transport available at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

For travelers who place a premium on ease of transfer and a bit of personal assistance upon arrival, Welcome Pickups can be a game-changer.

Get a quote here.

It not only ensures a smooth transition from the airport to your destination but also sets a reassuring tone for your stay in Bangkok.

Public bus

I haven’t taken the public bus myself, so I’m not sure how it works and to be honest I don’t think taking the local bus is an option for most travelers.

Getting the airport rail link or a taxi makes more sense.

But I’ll quickly mention the option.

Operating 24/7, these buses offer a real insight into local life for just 35 baht per trip.

From the arrivals hall, a shuttle (costing 35 baht) will take you to the transportation center, where you can catch buses to various parts of Bangkok, including direct routes to Pattaya, Talad Rong Kluea, or NongKhai.

This enhances options for those looking to explore beyond the city limits immediately.

4 insider tips to Bangkok airport transport

Kristoffer Fรธns in Bangkok
Get ready to use public transport in Bangkok, it’s great.

Based on my travels, here are a few more indispensable tips to ensure a smooth transition from BKK to Bangkok:

1. Research Your Route Before You Land

Before your plane touches down, have a clear plan for how you’ll get to your destination. Whether itโ€™s the Airport Rail Link (ARL), a taxi, or a ride-hailing app like Grab, knowing what to expect can save you time and stress.

If you’re considering public transport, familiarize yourself with the stops and any necessary transfers.

I use the Google Maps route planner option whenever I’m in Bangkok.

Bangkok train station

2. Consider the Time of Your Arrival

Bangkok is notorious for its unpredictable traffic. If you’re arriving during peak hours (7-9 AM and 4-7 PM), a taxi ride could take considerably longer than expected. In such cases, the ARL might be your fastest option.

3. Get Your Hotel’s Address in Thai

Bangkok hotel

This is a lifesaver, especially for taxi rides. Many drivers have limited English proficiency, so having your destination written in Thai can prevent miscommunications and ensure you get where you’re going more efficiently.

4. Be Prepared for the Climate

Bangkok’s heat and humidity can hit you like a wall, particularly if you’re coming from a cooler climate. Dress comfortably for the weather, and stay hydrated. If you’re taking public transport, note that air conditioning can be quite strong, so having a light jacket or shawl can make your journey more comfortable.

If you’ve got any questions about the journey from Bangkok Airport to the city centre or your trip to Thailand in general, feel free to ask in the comment sections below.

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What’s the fastest way to get from Bangkok Airport to the city centre?

The Airport Rail Link is the quickest option. It takes about 30 minutes to reach downtown Bangkok, with trains running every 15 minutes from 5:30 AM to midnight. The fare ranges from 15 to 45 baht, making it both fast and affordable.

How can I take a taxi from Bangkok Airport to the city centre?

Official metered taxis are available at the taxi rank on the first level of the airport. Fares start with a base rate plus a 50 baht airport surcharge and any expressway tolls. The total cost usually ranges from 250 to 500 baht, depending on traffic and distance.

Is it possible to use a taxi app like Grab at Bangkok Airport?

Yes, you can use Grab.

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