Where to stay in Copenhagen? 6 Best Areas & Places to Stay (by a Local) 🇩🇰

I'm Danish and have lived in many different areas of Copenhagen. In this guide, I'll share the best areas and places to stay in Copenhagen.

where to stay in copenhagen

I live in Copenhagen and move around the city’s various areas daily. So I know there is quite a big difference between where you stay in Copenhagen, as the areas are very different.

Planning a last minute trip to Copenhagen?
I'm a Danish travel blogger who lives in Copenhagen. Here are a few of my top tips for the Danish Capital.

🇩🇰 Top Activities & Tours:

1. Tivoli Gardens + Unlimited Rides Ticket (skip-the-line tickets are essential in high-season!)
2. Canal Cruise from Nyhavn (awesome way to see the city and The Little Mermaid)
3. Rent a GoBoat and cruise the harbour (my favourite thing to do in Summer)
4. The Round Tower (free entrance with the Copenhagen Card)
5. Guided Tour to Malmö, Lund and Hamlet's Castle in Elsinore

🛌 Places to Stay:

1. Manon Les Suites (luxury hotel with indoor pool & Bali-vibes)
2. Copenhagen Strand (mid-range hotel near Nyhavn)
3. Next House Copenhagen (best cheap hotel in the city centre)

🚇 The Copenhagen Card is honestly a no-brainer: every tourist should get this for easy access to public transport & huge discounts on a lot of activities in Copenhagen.

That is why I have set out to write the ultimate guide on where to stay in Copenhagen when you travel to the Danish capital and want to experience as much as possible on your trip.

In this guide, I cover the best areas and share links for booking the best hotels, so you can easily see prices and book your accommodation in Copenhagen.

Kristoffer Fons from Destination Well Known in Copenhagen
I’m here to help if you’ve got any questions 🇩🇰

At the end of the guide, I’ll warn you about a few areas you shouldn’t stay in when coming to Denmark.

Let’s get down to business: where to stay in Copenhagen? We start in the absolute city centre.

Best areas in Copenhagen

If you’re in a rush or want a quick overview, here is an overview of the best areas in Copenhagen. Click the area name to see the best places to stay:

  • Indre By (city centre) – the best area for most tourists ⭐️
  • Vesterbro – best place to stay for nightlife & hipster vibes
  • Nørrebro – best area to stay if you want to travel like a local
  • Copenhagen Waterfront – value for money area (best area in summer)
  • Christianshavn – the cosiest area in Copenhagen
  • Østerbro – best area for families

Check out my video, where I’m showing some of the best areas in Copenhagen:

The guide on where to stay in Copenhagen continues below.

1. Indre By – best area to stay in the city centre ⭐️

stay in copenhagen city centre
Indre By has a lot of old buildings and is, without doubt, the best area to stay in Copenhagen for 99% of tourists

Indre By, which means Inner City in Danish, is the absolute centre of Copenhagen, and this is where you will find most of the best things to do in Copenhagen.

Indre By is also the Old Town of Copenhagen, so this is where you can truly get under the skin of the city’s rich history of several hundred years.

copenhagen city centre best area to stay
Copenhagen City Centre from a drone

In Indre By, you will find, among other things, famous attractions such as Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg, Amalienborg, Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square), Strøget and, of course, Nyhavn.

See the best hotels in Indre By here.

In Indre By, you will never walk many meters before stumbling upon a restaurant, café or bar.

København, rosengården
Rosengården is a cozy street in Copenhagen’s city center.

This is the area where you will find both the most upper-class restaurants, but at the same time, there are hidden gems that the locals go to Indre By to visit, so unlike other European capitals, central Copenhagen is not just a tourist hell.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen City Center
The famous Nyhavn area.

In other words, it makes good sense to stay in the Inner City for most travellers to Copenhagen who comes to the city to have a traditional city break and want to be able to go to the well-known attractions.

Copenhagen Canal in Indre By

At the same time, the Copenhagen metro network is so good that you can quickly get around to all the other areas I mention in the guide here, so even if you stay in Indre By, you can easily experience the trendy Vesterbro or the multicultural Nørrebro.

Amalienborg, where the royal family resides, is in Indre By too

There are no disadvantages to staying in the inner city when you come to Copenhagen.

It is the best area to book accommodation for 99% of all tourists visiting Copenhagen to enjoy our beautiful capital.

Copenhagen City Center
Make sure you visit The Round Tower – it’s very cheap, and the view of the city center is fantastic!

The only thing against booking a hotel in Indre By is the price. Because the area is the most desirable, it is also here that the hotels cost more than in some of the other areas I mention in the guide here.

But if you can afford it, I recommend looking for a good hotel in Indre By. Below I share a few good options in several price ranges.

Places to stay in the city centre (Indre By)

Indre By is a relatively large area, so there is a difference between whether you end up with a hotel around City Hall Square or by the Marble Church. It’s not because one area is better than the other – you just get to experience different things in your small local area.

Below I have selected some of the best hotels in Copenhagen in different price ranges. The hotels are all located in Indre By and are close to Copenhagen’s best things to do.

Luxury hotels in Indre By

hotel skt petri copenhagen
Hotel Skt Petri in Downtown Copenhagen

Hotel Skt Petri is one of the best hotels in Copenhagen, and the location could not be more central.

The hotel is truly one of the most luxurious in Copenhagen and is, among other things, known for having housed stars such as Mickael Jackson and Justin Bieber.

In other words: if you want to stay at one of the most prestigious hotels in Copenhagen, where there are delicious restaurants, a rooftop bar and a gym, then you must book Hotel Skt Petri.

Manon Les Suites in central Copenhagen offers a sustainable and stylish stay near top attractions and within walking distance of the trendy Vesterbro area.

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen indoor pool

This hotel ensures a memorable experience with its array of amenities, such as an indoor pool, fitness centre, and sauna.

Manon Les Suites Copenhagen hotel room

The hotel is a hit among travellers with its commitment to a relaxed yet upscale atmosphere.

Manon Les Suites is a prime choice for those seeking a chic and comfortable base to explore the Danish capital​

See more photos & book here.

hotel sanders copenhagen
Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen

Hotel Sanders is another 5-star hotel in central Copenhagen – just a stone’s throw from Nyhavn, where all the tourists come to pass and very close to Copenhagen’s harbour, which is an excellent place to chill out in the summer.

I have to admit that the decoration and atmosphere at Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen is one of the best when it comes to hotels. Book Hotel Sanders in Indre By, and be sure that the setting for your holiday in Copenhagen is perfect.

Mid-range hotels in Indre By

hotel the lakes copenhagen
Stay at Hotel Kong Arthur – close to the Lakes that separate Indre By and Nørrebro

Hotel Kong Arthur is a hotel in Indre By close to Nørrebro and the popular Torvehallerne. The hotel has 4 stars and has, among other things, a sauna, 3 different restaurants and a top-rated spa area attached.

Hotel Kong Arthur Copenhagen

So if you want to stay in a good hotel in Copenhagen with a spa, consider booking into Hotel Kong Arthur. The hotel is located in a slightly underrated area of Indre By, where the nearby Nansensgade offers many excellent restaurants and bars with a rather cool atmosphere.

Copenhagen Strand Hotel is close to the previously mentioned Hotel Sanders, so we are back close to Nyhavn and the waterfront.

It is a 4-star hotel with charming rooms and a super-chic breakfast restaurant, where a lot has been done with the decor.

Copenhagen Strand Hotel

Several rooms also have an ocean view, which you can specifically book – see more here.

The Huxley Copenhagen provides a tranquil yet central accommodation experience, rated very well by travellers.

The Huxley Copenhagen

Positioned in a peaceful street, it is conveniently behind the Royal Theatre and Nyhavn, within a stone’s throw from key shopping areas, restaurants, museums, and the Opera House.

Rooms are allergy-free, with housekeeping services, safes, and large Samsung flatscreen TVs for a hassle-free stay.

The possibility of renting bicycles also makes city exploration a breeze.

See more photos & book here.

Hotel Skt Annæ is a place to stay in the city centre that I would almost call a hidden gem.

Hotel Skt. Annæ Copenhagen City Centre

This family-run hotel, superbly located near Nyhavn and Amalienborg, is your perfect base for a Danish escapade. Step inside to a warm embrace of Hammershøi-inspired interiors.

With a rooftop terrace for your evening relaxation, Skt Annæ truly is a charming Danish retreat.

See more photos and book online here.

scandic palace hotel copenhagen city hall square
Stay right next to the Copenhagen City Hall at Scandic Palace

Scandic Palace Hotel is next door to Copenhagen City Hall and thus right in the heart of Copenhagen, from where you can quickly go on a big shopping trip on Strøget or explore the trendy streets in Pisserenden (streets such as Studiestræde, Larsbjørnsstræde and Kattesundet).

A perfect choice for families travelling to Copenhagen with children. Several of the rooms even have a view of the City Hall Square. See more about the hotel here.

Cheap hotels & hostels in Indre By

Next House Copenhagen is a real gem!

Next House, cheap place to stay in Copenhagen City Centre

This mega-hostel offers a variety of rooms, from private options that rival hotel quality to dorms with private pods.

It’s a fun place with five bars, a restaurant, a gym, and a football pitch. Plus, it’s clean and safe, with options for female-only rooms.

Location-wise, it’s a winner too—just a 5-minute walk from the Central Station and close to all main attractions.

The atmosphere? Super laid back and friendly. In short, it’s a top-notch place to crash while exploring Copenhagen.

See more photos and book online here.

wakeup copenhagen cheap hotel
Cheap hotel in Copenhagen City Centre

Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade is possibly the best cheap hotel in Indre By. Here you get a small room with everything you need on a trip to Copenhagen, where you want to stay cheaply and centrally.

There are several different room types and family rooms, so if you are travelling to Copenhagen with children and looking for cheap accommodation, it makes sense to book into Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade.

copenhagen downtown hostel
Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is a city centre hostel, as the name suggests 😀

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is a genuine hostel for the young or young at heart.

If you are travelling to Copenhagen as a backpacker or want to stay somewhere where you can meet other travellers at the bar, then Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is the perfect, cheap place to stay in Indre By.

The bar is also quite popular among ordinary Copenhageners who come there for cheap drinks.

You can book both private rooms with a private bathroom or classic hostel rooms – there are many options; see them all here.

2. Vesterbro – best place to stay for nightlife & trendy vibes


The next area we will pass is located southwest of Indre By and starts at City Hall Square.

Copenhagen Central Station
Copenhagen Central Station

If you arrive in Copenhagen by train or take the regional train from Copenhagen Airport, you will arrive at Vesterbro, as the Central Station is located at Vesterbro.

See the best hotels in Vesterbro here.

Vesterbro is originally one of the real working-class neighborhoods in Copenhagen, and if you had told the locals back in the 1980s that Vesterbro would one day become one of the hippest areas for trendy travelers from all over the world, they would have laughed their ass off – and maybe given you a little smack on the cheek 😀

Cool bar in Vesterbro

In other words, Vesterbro was a bit of a rough neighbourhood, but the area has developed over the past 20 years, so it is now one of the most popular areas and a place where many young parents have bought a home.

However, a bit of the old, harsh atmosphere can still be found outside the Central Station on the first part of Istedgade and the surrounding side streets. In the old days, Istedgade was Copenhagen’s red light district, and there is still a bit of that at night.

That is why it is extra crucial that you read the reviews when you book a hotel in Vesterbro, as there are still hotels that are (almost) rented out on an hourly basis…

You can, of course, just book one of the hotels I mention below – or write a comment to the guide here if you have any doubts.

restaurant in Vesterbro Copenhagen
Many of the best restaurants in Copenhagen are located in Vesterbro.

Vesterbro is the perfect area to stay if you are a young couple who wants to go out for drinks at some of the best bars in Copenhagen.

Kristoffer Føns travel guide in Vesterbro
Playing it cool in The Meat Packing District outside of Warpigs (craft beer bar)

The Meat Packing District (Kødbyen) is a mecca with plenty of restaurants, trendy beer bars and some of the coolest nightclubs in Copenhagen.

From Kødbyen, it is only a 15-20 minute walk to Tivoli Gardens, City Hall and Indre By.

Vesterbro has both the central station of Copenhagen, where there is a metro, trains and buses and the metro station at Enghave Plads.

So it has also become straightforward to get around the rest of the city from Vesterbro.

Places to stay in Vesterbro

As previously mentioned, staying away from the very cheap hotels at the start of Istedgade and Vesterbrogade is vital. Few people will probably book these hotels after seeing pictures and reviews, but I wanted to warn you again.

And having said that, Vesterbro is also one of the trendiest areas in the whole of Scandinavia, so there aren’t many of these dingy places left – on the other hand, massive investment has been made in new, beautiful hotels in Vesterbro.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Best Luxury Hotel in Vesterbro (with a rooftop pool)

rooftop pool hotel copenhagen
The rooftop pool at Villa Copenhagen is heated all year round

Villa Copenhagen is the only hotel with a rooftop pool in Copenhagen and perhaps the best breakfast in the whole city.

The hotel is located right next to the Central Station, but on the good side, right next to Tivoli Gardens and a few minute’s walk from the cosy streets of Indre By, so even though the postcode says Vesterbro, it is almost like staying in Indre By, but very close to Vesterbro and Kødbyen.

See more luxury hotels like this one in my guide to the best spa hotels in Copenhagen.

Best mid-range hotel in Vesterbro

Scandic Kødbyen in Copenhagen's hipster area

Scandic Kødbyen is a brand-new hotel right next to Kødbyen (the Meatpacking District).

The hotel rooms are stylish, hinting at the industrial chic that characterizes the surrounding Meatpacking District.

scandic hotel meat packing district
Stay in the Meat Packing District at the newly built Scandic Kødbyen

The hotel also offers bicycles for rent, perfect for exploring the city.

Coco Hotel is a great alternative place to stay in Vesterbro too. With a central location near eclectic shops and gastronomic wonders, it’s an ideal base for urban exploration.

coco hotel vesterbro

The hotel’s minimalist design embraces hygge, Denmark’s famed cosy concept, creating an inviting atmosphere that extends from the stylish rooms to the lush courtyard garden.

The included organic breakfast and the buzzing in-house café fuel city adventures.

In short, Coco Hotel delivers an authentic, upscale Copenhagen experience perfect for the discerning traveller.

See more photos and book here.

Carlton 66 Guldsmeden in the Vesterbro district offers a distinct stay with a touch of relaxed luxury. With very good ratings on the booking platforms, guests appreciate the hotel’s cleanliness and service.

Carlton 66 Vesterbro Copenhagen

It stands out for its organic ethos, cosy rooms with luxury bedding, and proximity to excellent dining spots like District Tonkin and Madklubben.

  • If you’re after a cheap and good lunch, I recommend checking out District Tonkin which is almost next door to the hotel.

The rooms feature four-poster beds, Persian carpets, and organic bath products, ensuring comfort and an eco-friendly approach.

See more photos & book here.

Best cheap hotel in Vesterbro

steelhouse copenhagen swimming pool
A cheap hostel with a swimming pool!? Yes, Copenhagen has it all

Steel House Copenhagen is a new cheap hostel with an indoor pool and the option to book private rooms with a private bathroom. Still, it’s cheap!

This next hotel in Vesterbro is so new that I didn’t know about it until my friend from Manchester in England told me he had booked it for a surprise trip to Copenhagen 😀

The place is called CityHub Copenhagen, and it’s your perfect pick if you’re looking for an affordable yet centrally situated place to stay in Copenhagen.

CityHub Copenhagen, cheap hotel in Vesterbro

The rooms, or ‘hubs’, are compact and smartly designed to maximize space and provide a cozy atmosphere.

The location of this hotel is perfect if you want to stay in Vesterbro and experience the area like a local.

See more photos & book here.

Check out my guide to the best cheap hotels in Copenhagen, where I mention a few other Vesterbro hotels.

3. Nørrebro – best area if you want to travel like a local

nørrebro copenhagen
Get artsy in Nørrebro

Nørrebro is probably my favourite area in Copenhagen and an area where tourists haven’t really found their way. Therefore, Nørrebro is also the most authentic area of Copenhagen in this guide.

In other words, Nørrebro is an area where “real” people live and the restaurants, cafes and bars have to live off the locals – that’s why they’re perfect!

I have lived in Nørrebro for most of my time in Copenhagen, so I have enough tips for a whole post just about Nørrebro, but as a starting point, you have to experience the cosy area around Jægersborggade and Stefansgade in Ydre Nørrebro.

See the best hotels in Nørrebro here.

You will find everything from local wine shops to Michelin-starred restaurants – in a street and an area that 20 years ago would never have found its way into a guide about the best places in Copenhagen.

Walk from Jægersborggade down to inner Nørrebro and explore streets such as Griffenfeldsgade, Blågårds Plads, Elmegade and Ravnsborggade. You could spend a whole weekend eating and drinking through Nørrebro.

Nørrebro is a melting pot of students, young creative types and descendants of the first immigrants from the Middle East. That is why you will find countless kebab shops and exciting restaurants to eat food from around the world in Nørrebro.

I recommend staying in Nørrebro to anyone who wants to experience an area with a bit of an edge and, simultaneously, is where the Danes go out.

For families travelling to Copenhagen with kids, it might make better sense to choose another area, as the streets may be busy at weekends, but for other curious travellers, I would recommend considering Nørrebro as a base for the trip to Copenhagen.

Places to stay in Nørrebro

So, Nørrebro is not a tourist area as such – although you can be in Indre By in 10-15 minutes via the Queen Louise Bridge or the metro – so there are not very many hotels to choose from in Nørrebro.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Nørrebro, you will have to look far, but there are still some lovely places to stay in Nørrebro.

Best hotel in Nørrebro

avenue hotel nørrebro copenhagen
The best hotel in Nørrebro is Avenue Hotel

One of the best hotels in Nørrebro is the 4-star Avenue Hotel Copenhagen by Brøchner Hotels, located in inner Nørrebro, right on the border with Frederiksberg and Indre By.

In other words, this hotel is perhaps the best place to stay for you who want to experience all the best of Nørrebro but still be only a 5-minute walk from the metro station at Forum, from where you can get to Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv at 3-4 minutes.

Avenue Hotel has many different rooms and a delicious breakfast buffet. The hotel is within a few minute’s walk of some of my favourite places in Copenhagen: Satang Thai Bistro, the city’s best Thai restaurant and Himmerriget, which is one of the best beer bars (that few tourists know about!).

See more about the hotel here.

Cheap accommodation in Nørrebro

cheap hotel nørrebro
If you’re just looking for a cheap place to crash in Nørrebro, this is a good bet

If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Nørrebro, then Hotel M18 is a good bet. It is a 3-star hotel without superb comfort, but on the other hand, the location is excellent, and if you book ahead, you can often get the stay at a great rate.

The hotel is a stone’s throw from Nørrebrogade, Guldbergsgade and Skt Hans Torv, some of the best places to stroll around Nørrebro and Copenhagen.

So if you want a cheap stay in the heart of Nørrebro, check out the hotel here.

hostel in nørrebro
The best hostel in Nørrebro

Nørrebro invites you to stay in a hostel because the district is generally so young and hip.

I can therefore recommend taking a look at the Urban Camper Hostel, which is located right next to Nørrebro Station, where there are both buses, the metro, and the S-train, so you can quickly get around all of Copenhagen and there too is plenty to do within walking distance of the hostel.

At Urban Camper Hostel, there is a large bar, lots of different room types with everything from shared dormitories to private rooms and the possibility to rent bicycles, which is an excellent idea if you are travelling to Copenhagen in the summer months.

4. Copenhagen Waterfront – best value for money area

copenhagen waterfront
Copenhagen Waterfront is fantastic in summer when all of us Danes flock here to tan and swim in the harbour

And then we are going to an area that does not have its own postcode but is instead both in Indre By and Vesterbro.

However, I do not think the hotels in this area fit under Indre By or Vesterbro because they are a little further away from the central places in both Indre By and Vesterbro.

Copenhagen Harbour, one of the best places to stay in Copenhagen

On the other hand, the hotels here at Copenhagen Waterfront are either cheap and brand new or incredibly luxurious, and you get more for your money here than in the very centre of the city.

Therefore, I recommend booking your stay in Copenhagen here if you would like to save money on your accommodation or would like to stay right down to the harbour during the summer when all Copenhageners flock to the harbour baths.

copenhagen waterfront hotel marriott
Marriott Copenhagen is the best hotel at the Copenhagen Waterfront

You should be aware that at some of these hotels, it may be a short walk of 10-15 minutes walk before you get to either Fisketorvet Shopping Mall or The Meat Packing District on one side or Indre By’s cosy streets on the other.

So this area is a bit special, and I thought about whether I should include it in the guide here, but I think there can be good value for money by staying here when you look at how good the hotels are and how much lower the prices are here compared to just 5-600 meters further inside the inner city.

Places to stay at the Copenhagen Waterfront

So let me present a few of the hotels in the area and at the same time tell you what you can expect in terms of distances.

Luxury hotels by the harbour

marriott hotel copenhagen
Want to stay in a room with a view of Copenhagen? Marriott is a good bet

The best hotel at the Copenhagen Waterfront is the luxury hotel Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, which is 5-star and has its own restaurants, bars and steam room with a sauna. It is an impressive hotel, with many rooms overlooking the harbour and Islands Brygge on the other side.

In the summer, you can stroll to the harbour swimming pool and jump into the water with the many other happy Copenhageners who are sunbathing and enjoying the summer.

If you are staying at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, you can walk up to Tivoli Gardens and the Central Station in 10 minutes, while a stroll to the City Hall Square will take a quarter of an hour.

So here you still stay within walking distance of most of what you would like to experience in Copenhagen as a tourist.

copenhagen island hotel
Another hotel by the harbour in CPH

The other excellent hotel at Copenhagen Waterfront is called Copenhagen Island Hotel.

It is located significantly further from the centre of Copenhagen, but on the other hand, right next to Fisketorvet Shopping Mall and only a 5-minute walk to The Meat Packing District in Vesterbro and Dybbølsbro Station, where you can take the S-train to get to Indre By in a few minutes.

It is a 4-star hotel with many rooms with ocean views and is also particularly good for families with children, as there are special family rooms.

Copenhagen Island Hotel is for those of you who are okay with staying a little outside the absolute centre of Copenhagen but prioritise having a good hotel that is significantly cheaper than what a 4-star hotel in the centre costs.

Scandic Spectrum is a great choice if you’re seeking a modern hotel with an excellent location.

Scandic Spectrum indoor pool
The photo doesn’t do the pool justice, to be honest – it’s much bigger in real life.

I visited this hotel recently for a saunagus event in their pool and spa area, and this is probably one of the best hotels in Copenhagen – when you consider the price, too.

Positioned by the waterfront, it’s just a 10-minute walk to the city center, offering scenic views and easy access to Copenhagen’s main attractions.

Scandic Spectrum hotel restaurant
I had a pizza in their restaurant, and it was excellent.

The hotel is notably new (I think it’s from 2021), featuring contemporary design and state-of-the-art amenities.

Scandic Spectrum hotel room

One of the highlights is the brilliant indoor pool and spa area, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day of exploring the city.

It’s definitely one of the best new hotels in Copenhagen, in my opinion.

See more photos & book here.

Cheap accommodation in central Copenhagen

As previously mentioned, some really cheap hotels are also at Copenhagen Waterfront. One of the newest and best located is Wakeup Copenhagen Bernstorffsgade.

We are back in the Inner City part of the area so that you can walk to all the well-known sights in Copenhagen.

Cheap accommodation for groups

danhostel copenhagen
Danhostel Copenhagen City is one of the best hostels in Copenhagen

One of the most well-known hostels in Copenhagen is called Danhostel Copenhagen City and is eminently located right by the Langebro, which connects Copenhagen with Amager (and Christianshavn, which we will look at in more detail soon).

It is a colossal hostel with 192 rooms, and you can book everything from superior private apartments with room for 4 people to rooms with room for 8 people and much more.

So if you are a group travelling to Copenhagen and are looking for accommodation for many people in a place with a good location, consider booking into Danhostel Copenhagen City.

5. Christianshavn – stay in the cosiest area of Copenhagen

Christianshavn is one of the best areas in Copenhagen

The next area in the guide on the best places to stay in Copenhagen is just a short walk over Knippelsbro or Inderhavnsbroen (“the Kissing Bridge”) from the Inner City and Nyhavn.


We are going over to the old working-class neighbourhood, Christianshavn. Christianshavn is a relatively small area consisting of several small islands connected by small bridges over the canals.

See the best hotels in Christianshavn here.

Christianshavn is technically part of Indre By, but the area laid out by King Christian the 4th in 1618 is something of its own.

It is here in the area that we also find Freetown Christiania, where naturally you cannot book into a 5-star hotel 😀

christianshavn canal
If you’ve read my guide to the best things to do in Copenhagen, you’ll know I love a canal tour – and they all go to Christianshavn

However, there is a massive difference between Christiania and Christianshavn. The latter is one of the nicest areas in Copenhagen, especially in the summer when the area comes alive, so it is an excellent place to stay.

Houses in Christianshavn, one of the best areas in Copenhagen

As previously mentioned, you can be in Indre By by Christiansborg and Strøget in 10 minutes, so Christianshavn is still very central.

The only challenge is that there are not that many hotels in Christianshavn.

Places to stay in Christianshavn

christianshavn hotels

The challenge that there are incredibly few hotels in Christianshavn made me consider not including the area in the guide here, but that would also have been a shame.

Because even though the hotels in Christianshavn are quickly booked up, you can be lucky if you book your trip to Copenhagen early on.

Best hotel in Christianshavn

nh collection christianshavn luxury hotel
NH Collection in Christianshavn is one of the best hotels in all of Copenhagen

The best hotel in Christianshavn is undoubtedly the new NH Collection Copenhagen. One of my running routes goes right past the hotel here, so I was curious to see how it would look after the building had served as business premises for many years.

NH Collection Copenhagen

Now that the place has been renovated in style, you can book into one of perhaps the best hotels in Copenhagen – at least, it is one of the hotels with the best location.

NH Collection Copenhagen is right by the harbour, so many rooms have a beautiful view of the harbour and Inner City.

It is a luxury hotel with 5 stars and many different room types, so if you want to stay in a presidential suite in Copenhagen with a sea view, then NH Collection Copenhagen is the place for you – but there are also ordinary rooms that are somewhat cheaper.

The hotel itself has a bar right next to the harbour, but otherwise, you can slip into the wine bar right next door, where you can meet Copenhagen’s hipsters over an orange wine or whatever the cool kids are drinking at the moment 😀

A cool place to stay in Copenhagen

houseboat hotel copenhagen
Stay on the water in Copenhagen

If you would like to spend the night unconventionally on your trip to Copenhagen, you should consider booking into CPH Living, which is also right down to the water at Christianshavn.

CPH Living is a houseboat and, therefore, a somewhat unconventional hotel.

cph living rooftop
Rooftop on the houseboat

An outstanding offer for accommodation for those of you who want to stay with a sea view and on the water.

See more about the place here.

6. Østerbro – best area for families

østerport østerbro
Østerport Station in Østerbro

The last area I considered for a long time should be included in the list. Because it has to be said: there is not as much to do in Østerbro as in the other areas in this travel guide to Copenhagen’s best areas.

It is one of the more upper-class areas in Copenhagen, and there are certainly a few lovely streets, such as Nordre Frihavnsgade from Trianglen and Ryesgade, which goes all the way to Nørrebro.

See the best hotels on Østerbro here.

But otherwise, Østerbro is primarily an area where wealthy families live, and I think you can feel that when you walk around the area.

While all the other areas in this guide are places I go to because there are good restaurants or just because it’s a nice place to be, I would never think of going to Østerbro to hang out – and that’s how all other Danes I know feel.

But I still include Østerbro in the guide here, as the area is very well connected with the metro, S-train, intercity train and the Øresund train, which runs both to Malmö in Sweden and to Elsinore, where you might want to visit Kronborg Castle.

In addition, as previously mentioned, Østerbro is very quiet and, therefore, highly family-friendly. So if you are travelling to Copenhagen with children and would like to stay in a good hotel, there are several good options in Østerbro.

If you are going to a concert in Parken, it might also make sense to stay in Østerbro – but there is a metro from Trianglen a few minutes’ walk away, so it is no necessity.

Places to stay in Østerbro

Østerbro has quite a few hotels, and many are also relatively new, so there are some outstanding accommodation options in the area.

charlottehaven hotel østerbro
Another epic hotel with a view – Charlottehaven in Østerbro

One of the best hotels in Østerbro is undoubtedly Charlottehaven, which has an indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and rooms with an outstanding view of Nordhavn and Øresund.

charlottehaven østerbro room view
Room with a view, anyone? 😀

It is perhaps the hotel in Copenhagen with the best view, and the location right next to Nordhavn Station means that you can quickly get either north or into the centre in a short time.

Charlottehaven is also very family-friendly, as you can choose between many different room types and small apartments.

See more about the options here.

comwell copenhagen
Comwell Copenhagen

Another fantastic hotel in Østerbro is Comwell Copenhagen Portside Dolce by Wyndham, a brand new hotel in Nordhavn right next to Østerbro.

It is a hotel perfect for those looking for a place to spend the night in Copenhagen who wants comfort in beautiful surroundings.

The hotel is of the type where Copenhageners could book in for a single night to relax and slow down. There is everything from ordinary rooms to executive suites – see all rooms here.

hotel rye østerbro
Cosy room at Rye 115 Hotel

More centrally on Østerbro in Ryesgade, as mentioned earlier, we find Rye 115 Hotel, a 3-star hotel with excellent reviews from previous guests.

Here you stay within walking distance of Søerne and Nørrebro and can take the metro to Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn in a few minutes.

See more about the hotel here.

Where not to stay in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and a large city with over 1 million inhabitants, but the city is relatively easy to get around by either metro, S-train or bus.

So no matter where you stay in Copenhagen, you will always be close to a form of transport that can take you to other areas.

So as such, there is no terrible place to stay in Copenhagen. If I have to point to where not to stay in Copenhagen, I would not recommend Amager Øst and the area around Amager Strandpark during the winter months, as there is not much going on.

In the summer, on the other hand, you want to live close to the city’s best beach, and therefore it can make good sense.

Amager West around Field’s and Ørestaden is never a good place to stay in Copenhagen. It’s probably the area with the least soul in the whole city, so don’t book in here – even if you’re going to a concert in the Royal Arena.

There is a metro a few minutes’ walk from the Royal Arena, so it’s better to book a place in Indre By or one of the other areas I mention in the guide here.

There are also a few hotels in Sydhavn, which you should not book unless you have a car or are okay with taking both bus and metro if you want to get around to the well-known sights in Copenhagen.

I hope you can use this guide on where to stay in Copenhagen and that you are ready for your trip to the Danish capital.

If you have questions about Copenhagen areas or hotels, please comment below, and I will do my best to help.

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