How To Get From Prague Airport to the City Center + A Warning! ✈️

Here's my straightforward guide on traveling from Prague Airport to the city center by public transport or taxi.

prague airport to city

I love Prague and try to visit the Czech Capital at least once a year.

Planning a last minute trip to Prague?
Here are my favourite places to stay & things to do in beautiful Prague.

🛌 Places to Stay:
1. The Julius Prague (my favourite hotel in Prague, perfect location and nice rooms)
2. Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa (beautiful luxury hotel near the Prague Castle)
3. Hotel King George (affordable hotel in the Old Town)

🇨🇿 Top Activities & Tours:
1. Prague Castle (there are so many things to see in the whole castle area!)
2. Private Beer Spa experience with unlimited beer (yes it's touristy, but you are a tourist)
3. The Official Prague City Pass is a good idea if you want 'free' public transport and easy access to a wide range of attractions

I’ve tried several different modes of transport from the Prague Airport to the city center, so in this guide, you’ll find essential, no-nonsense advice on choosing the best mode of transportation for your journey.

This guide focuses on crucial aspects such as cost, convenience, travel time, and ease of access, ensuring your arrival in Prague is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Let’s go through the options and get you from the Václav Havel Airport Prague to your destination in Prague’s city center.

Taxi – prices, apps & pre-booked drivers 🚖

Prague taxi
The taxis in Prague have a bad reputation.

Taking a taxi from Prague Airport to the city center offers convenience and comfort.

I’ve never taken one of the official black & yellow taxis outside of the Terminals, as I know the taxis in Prague have a dodgy reputation. I’ve always pre-booked a private driver, which has worked very well (and it’s cheap, too).

I’ve heard and read a lot of horror stories about the taxis in Prague so I’ve never dared taking one myself.

But here’s a bit of info about taking an official taxi from Prague Airport to the city center:

The average fare for a taxi ride from Prague Airport to the city center ranges from approximately 550 CZK to 800 CZK (around 23-30 EUR or 25-35 USD), with the journey lasting about 25-35 minutes.​

During rush hours, the cost may rise to even 1000 CZK (42€/45.50$) and take up to 70 minutes​​. Taxis are readily available at the exits of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

I recommend pre-booking a car

Private driver from Prague Airport

Pre-booking a car is a great option for those seeking a more personalized experience.

Welcome Pickups, for instance, offers a fixed price of 33€ for a private driver who speaks excellent English and has a good knowledge of Prague.

Prague airport to city by private transfer
A fixed price for a trip from the airport to my favorite hotel, The Julius Prague

The driver will be waiting for you at the terminal exit, which is a significant advantage, especially if your flight is delayed or you arrive late at night​​.

I’ve used Welcome Pickups all over Europe and never had a bad experience.

You could also check out the different private transfer options at Get Your Guide.

If you haven’t found a hotel yet, check out my vast guide on the best areas and places to stay in Prague. One of my favorite hotels in Europe is The Julius Prague in the heart of the city.

Uber is available, but expect to wait

Uber is also a popular choice for travelers, with the estimated cost of a ride from Prague airport to the city center being around 400 CZK (approximately 20 USD).

Uber offers different service levels, with prices for UberX around 400 CZK, Uber Select 500 CZK, and Uber Black approximately 800 to 900 CZK​​​​.

However, it’s important to note that there’s no official Uber meeting point or parking zone at Prague Airport, so you may experience a waiting time of about 10 minutes, which can extend to 30 minutes during rush hours​​.

Now, let’s take a look at the cheapest way to get from Prague Airport to the city.

Public transport – bus & metro

When I last visited Prague, I explored public transportation options from the airport to the city center.

Typically, I might pre-book a private driver, but this time, I chose to take the public bus, specifically the 119, and then the metro. This turned out to be a convenient and economical choice.

Bus 119 from the airport

Bus station at Prague Airport
It’s easy to find the bus stop – it’s right outside the arrivals hall.

The 119 bus, which runs every 15 minutes from 04:30 to 23:30, departs directly outside the airport terminals. Finding it was easy; I followed the signs to the ‘bus’ in the arrivals hall.

Bus 119 from Prague Airport to city

The bus took me to Nádraží Veleslavín station in Western Prague in approximately 15-20 minutes. Here, I switched to the green line of the Prague metro to continue towards the city center.

Nádraží Veleslavín

Change to the metro

Prague Metro

My journey continued seamlessly on the metro, and in 10 minutes, I arrived at Můstek station, which is in the heart of Prague.

From there, it was just a 5-minute walk to my hotel. Impressively, the entire journey from the airport to the hotel took under an hour.

Tickets & prices

Purchasing tickets for the bus and metro was straightforward. I bought mine from the machines located outside the arrivals hall, where the buses depart.

public transport ticket machines prague airport

These machines accept card payments, and I opted for a 90-minute ticket, which cost 32 CZK (just under 1.3 Euros).

This ticket is valid for both the bus and the metro ride.

validate ticket machine

Please remember to validate the ticket at the machines on the platform before boarding since it becomes valid only upon validation.

Overall, the experience was simple, efficient, and budget-friendly.

The Prague metro system is notably easy to navigate, with clear signage and directions.

For anyone looking for an affordable and authentic way to travel from Prague Airport to the city center, I highly recommend this combination of bus 119 and the metro.

I recommend using Google Maps to check timetables and routes – it works great in Prague:

This video by the excellent Youtube-channel ‘Honest Guide’ shows how to do it all:

Get ready for your trip with my guide on the best things to do in Prague.

The Airport Express bus

Prague Airport Express Bus

While I’ve never personally used the Airport Express (AE) bus in Prague, it’s worth mentioning as an alternative to the public bus options.

The price for a ticket is 100 CZK, though. So it’s three times as expensive as taking the ‘normal’ bus and metro.

The AE is a special airport bus that offers direct service to the city center without any stops.

You’ve got something to look forward to – Prague is stunning!

Key info about the Airport Express:


The AE bus travels directly from the airport to central Prague. It has two main stops in the city: the first at Namesti Republiky, located in the city center of Prague, and the final stop at Prague’s main train station (Hlavni Nadrazi).


From both of these stops, you can easily walk to most hotels or continue your journey using a taxi, tram, metro, or other public buses.


The AE buses are timed according to flight arrivals and depart every 30 minutes between 5:30 am and 10:00 pm from the airport, and between 5:30 am and 9:00 pm from the city to the airport.

Journey Time

The trip from the airport to Hlavni Nadrazi takes about 40 minutes.

While the AE bus provides a direct route to the city center, I’ve always found the regular public bus, like the 119 combined with the metro, to be just as efficient and more cost-effective.

The public bus system in Prague is reliable and well-organized, making it an excellent choice for travelers looking to save money without compromising on convenience or efficiency.

For these reasons, I’ve never felt the need to opt for the AE bus during my visits to Prague.

I hope the information will help you make an informed decision about your transportation.

Whether you choose the efficiency and economy of the public bus and metro combination, the direct route of the Airport Express, a traditional taxi, a pre-booked service like Welcome Pickups, or a ride-sharing option like Uber, Prague offers a variety of reliable and convenient choices to suit your travel needs and preferences.

Kristoffer Fons from Destination Well Known in Prague
Cheers to Prague!

If you have any questions or need further details about any of these options, please feel free to leave a comment.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the best way to get from Prague Airport to city?

The best way to get from Prague Airport to the city depends on your preferences for convenience and cost. Taking a taxi is the easiest and relatively inexpensive option compared to other major European cities. A taxi ride from the airport to the city center typically costs between 25 and 35 Euros (approximately 750 CZK).

However, if you’re looking for an extremely economical option, the combination of bus and metro is also a great choice. The bus line 119 connects to the metro, and the entire journey is very affordable, costing around 32 CZK (just under 1.3 Euros).

How much does a taxi from the airport to Prague city center cost?

A taxi ride from Prague Airport to the city center typically costs between 25 and 35 Euros, which is approximately 750 Czech Koruna (CZK). However, it’s important to note that the price can increase to around 1000 CZK (about 40 Euros or 44 USD) during peak traffic hours.

The journey usually takes about 25 to 35 minutes under normal traffic conditions but can extend up to 70 minutes during rush hours. Be aware that some travelers have reported being overcharged, especially when taking a taxi directly from the queue in front of the airport.

I recommend pre-booking a private chauffeur, where the fixed price is 33 Euros (36 USD).

How far is it from the airport to the city center in Prague?

The distance from Prague Airport to the city center is about 16 to 17 kilometers. The journey from the airport to the city center takes approximately 20-25 minutes by car under normal traffic conditions or around 55 minutes by public transport.

How many airports are there in Prague?

Prague has one primary civil airport, Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG), located about 30 km northwest of the city center. Although there are some smaller airports and landing areas in the region, mainly at hospitals, Václav Havel Airport is Prague’s main and only commercial airport.

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