Review of the Fully Guided Harry Potter Studio Tour ⚡️

A standard visit to the Harry Potter Studios in London is remarkable, but nothing compares to a fully guided tour. I've paid the extra to be taken behind the scenes, and you can too.

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I’ve just returned from London, where I embarked on a fully guided tour of the Harry Potter World. 

In this article, I’ll share insights from this exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of London’s Harry Potter Studios in this post.

First, let me tell you about the Harry Potter World in London to set the scene.

See my other guide, the general guide to visiting Harry Potter World in London.

What can you expect at Harry Potter Studios?

Travel blogger at Harry Potter World
Selfie in front of the Hogwarts Express 😎

So, what’s it all about? Well, imagine stepping right into the pages of J.K. Rowling’s books or onto the sets of the films. 

That’s what visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter (the studio’s proper name) feels like.

  • By the way – it’s not in central London but in Leavesden, near Watford.

I returned on the same tour to film a video – check out my 2023 guide to the Harry Potter Studios:

See everything from Diagon Alley to Gringotts and Hogwarts

This place is huge, packed with real sets, costumes, and props used in the Harry Potter films.

Great Hall at Harry Potter Studios in London

Think of standing in the iconic Great Hall, sneaking down Diagon Alley, and even gawking at the doors of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. It’s all there, and it’s all real.

And it’s not just about looking. This place lets you get hands-on with the magic, too.

You can hop aboard the Hogwarts Express at a recreated Platform 9¾ – they’ve even got a luggage trolley disappearing into the wall. And if you’ve ever fancied a spin in the Weasley’s flying car, this is your chance!

diagon alley
If you want to experience the real Diagon Alley you’ll have to head up to Edinburgh

One of the most incredible things about the studios is how it peels back the curtain on filmmaking. 

Ever wondered how they made Dobby look so lifelike or how they built those complex sets?

The Creature Effects and Art Department sections have you covered, showing off the incredible craftsmanship and detailing that went into creating Harry’s world.

Changing exhibits yearly

Hogwarts castle in Harry Potter Studios

Moreover, the studios keep things fresh with changing exhibits and events throughout the year.

Imagine seeing the Hogwarts castle model dusted with a wintery coating of snow or exploring the darker side of magic in the ‘Dark Arts’ event.

There’s always something new to see and do.

Christmas at Harry Potter World

Whether you’re a die-hard Potterhead, a film buff, or just looking for a day out that’s a bit different, the Harry Potter Studios offers a peek into the magic behind the movies that brought one of our favourite wizarding worlds to life. 

And honestly, who could resist that?

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, so I had to book the fully guided tour that takes you behind the scenes in the Harry Potter Studios. 

Was it worth it?

My review of the fully guided Studio tour ⭐️

Wands at Harry Potter Studios in London

While browsing GetYourGuide, I chanced upon tickets for a guided tour at Harry Potter Studios, scheduled for a week later. As a long-time fan, I couldn’t resist.

I swiftly secured my ticket, booked a flight to London and arranged a night’s stay at The Phoenix – a charming hotel in the Paddington/Bayswater area of London.

With that, I was set for my magical escapade.

What’s included in the ticket price? 🎟️

Tickets for this luxury tour are quite pricey, but when you consider the array of benefits included, it’s undeniable value for money:

  1. A guide accompanies you from Euston St to the Harry Potter Studios
  2. Return train ticket from Euston to Watford Junction
  3. Shuttle bus transfer from Watford Junction to the studios
  4. Complete guidance and fast-track access throughout the entire tour
  5. Opportunity to re-enter the studios after completing the guided tour, again bypassing the queue

Read more about the tour and book for yourself here (free cancellation)

Fast travel by train from London

Our rendezvous point was at Euston Station, underneath the grand ‘Arrivals‘ board.

The guide, easy to spot with his tour flag, briefed us that we had about 15 minutes before the train departure – just enough time for a coffee and an Irn-Bru (the drink I’m still craving daily after living in Scotland). 

The journey from Euston to Watford Junction was a swift 20 minutes.

Once there, our guide led us to a shuttle bus for a brief 10-15 minute drive to the studios, located amid the tranquil countryside.

Arriving at Harry Potter Studios

Harry Potter Studios from the outside

Though the exterior of the Harry Potter Studios may not be particularly awe-inspiring, what lies inside is nothing short of spectacular.

Upon disembarking from the shuttle, our second guide led us into the massive box-like building.

Once inside, each visitor was given a headset, a brilliant feature ensuring everyone could clearly hear the guide, regardless of their proximity.

Behind the scenes in Harry Potter World

Guided tour of Harry Potter World, tour guide
Our tour guide

As we stepped into the studios, we were greeted by the splendid sight of the Great Hall.

As an ardent fan who has read each book at least ten times and sought every Harry Potter experience in London, and Edinburgh I was thoroughly impressed by the wealth of knowledge our guide offered.

Our guide expertly navigated the roped-off boundaries separating us from the numerous sets, props, and costumes, providing a depth of insight and engaging stories about the actors, the Harry Potter universe, and the exhibits.

inside Harry Potter World

The opportunity to experience such intimacy with the magic behind the films validates the cost of the ‘luxury tour’.

I’ve done a video from the Studios – and even though it’s in Danish I’m sure you can get a feel for the vibes:

This is the best Harry Potter Experience in London

At the tour’s conclusion, the guide offered to escort anyone who wished to revisit the studios back to the entrance, bypassing the queue.

However, I opted to return to London – travelling alone, waking up incredibly early, and the shuttle back seemed the best choice with a busy day at the office ahead.

There’s no doubt about it: if you’re a superfan of Harry Potter then this fully guided tour is a must and in my opinion one of the best things to do in London.

Check out availability for the tour at GetYourGuide here (they usually sell out quickly as it’s extremely popular!).

Frequently asked questions:

Is the Behind-The-Scenes Luxury Tour worth it? 

In response to this question, I cannot help but answer with an enthusiastic yes! In this article, I’ve alluded to my Harry Potter fandom several times, expressing how the series has formed an integral part of my childhood.

Suddenly finding oneself walking through the Forbidden Forest, strolling down Diagon Alley, and stepping into Hagrid’s hut is surreal.

Given these uniquely personal experiences, I firmly believe the exclusive studio tour is worth the additional cost.

This sentiment isn’t just mine but echoes the overwhelmingly positive feedback from other superfans who have embarked on the tour. For these reasons, the luxury behind-the-scenes tour is a justifiable expense for any die-hard Harry Potter fan.

How to get to the studios from London?

Although referred to as ‘Harry Potter Studios in London’, they’re technically located in the small town of Leavesden, just outside Watford, around 30 kilometres north of central London. There are numerous transportation options from London; the easiest is the combined entrance and transport ticket from London.

What do you see at Harry Potter Studios?

You’ll find an abundance of mesmerising exhibits! From the awe-inspiring Great Hall and the winding alleyways of Diagon Alley to the exterior of Petunia Dursley’s house, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Harry Potter universe. Other attractions include the knight bus, the Forbidden Forest complete with Hagrid’s Cabin, Dumbledore’s office, the intricate corridors of Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, the Weasley’s flying car, and the Hogwarts Express – which you can actually step aboard. Furthermore, you can enter the Elixir classroom and absorb the detailed ambience. 

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