Where to stay in Stockholm? 4 Best Areas + Places to Stay

I'm a Scandinavian travel blogger who has spent quite a long time in Stockholm. Here is my guide on where to stay in Stockholm.

where to stay in Stockholm

Stockholm is an underrated travel destination, as the Swedish capital is perfect for a city break.

In this travel guide, I will look closer at where to stay in Stockholm for the best experience.

Stockholm is a big city, but the centre is relatively compact, so if you stay centrally, you can walk around to many of the city’s best things to do.

I’m from Copenhagen, close to Sweden, so I’ve been to Stockholm several times and know the city well. Below, I will go through the four best areas to stay in Stockholm as a tourist.

So let’s get started with the guide: where to stay in Stockholm? 👇🏻

Best areas in Stockholm

guide on the best places to stay in Stockholm from an expert

If you’re in a rush and want the highlights – here are the best places to stay in Stockholm for different types of travellers:

  • Gamla Stan – where to stay for first-timers & most normal tourists
  • Norrmalm – where to stay if you want to be in the city centre
  • Södermalm – where to stay for hipsters and trendy vibes
  • Östermalm – where to stay for families with children

The guide on where to stay in Stockholm continues below.

1. Gamla Stan – where to to stay for first-time visitors ⭐️

Gamla Stan is, without a doubt, the best area to stay in when travelling to Stockholm as a tourist.

When searching for pictures of Stockholm or looking for which sights to experience in the Swedish capital, Gamla Stan undoubtedly appears.

  • Gamla Stan translates to Old Town.
Gamla Stan, the best area to stay in Stockholm

It’s like with Nyhavn in Copenhagen: you can’t travel to Stockholm without experiencing Gamla Stan.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to stay in this area, as you’ll be within walking distance of most of Stockholm’s main attractions and quickly get from Arlanda Airport to your hotel.

Get the best rates on hotels in Gamla Stan here.

Gamla Stan is located on its a small island south of Norrmalm (which is the next area on the list) and has sights such as:

  • Stockholm Palace
  • Riksdagen (the parliament building)
  • Riddarholmen Church
  • The Nobel Museum and numerous fantastic small shops, restaurants and cafes.

In other words, Gamla Stan is the perfect area to stay when heading to Stockholm.

Get a feel for the vibe in Stockholm’s Old Town in this video:

Places to stay in Gamla Stan

There are plenty of hotels to choose from, so there are plenty of options. The only downside to the area may be that hotel prices can be pushed up if you’re travelling during peak season.

However, my advice is that if you can find space in your budget, consider a hotel in Gamla Stan.

good hotel in gamla stan, stockholm's old town

Specifically, I can recommend this fantastic 4-star hotel in Gamla Stan.

This is an excellent hotel with complimentary breakfast, a fitness centre, and a location just a few minutes walk from Stortorget in Gamla Stan. It doesn’t get much better than this.

scandic gamla stan stockholm

A slightly cheaper alternative could be Scandic Gamla Stan, a 4-star hotel in the heart of Gamla Stan.

The hotel receives good reviews, and as always with a Scandic hotel, you know what you’re getting: excellent service and nice, clean rooms.

cheap hotel in Stockholm old town
Stay in a cheap hotel in Stockholm’s Old Town – on a boat!

Finding cheap hotels in Gamla Stan is difficult, but the best bet is probably Mälardrottningen Hotel, a 3-star hotel with excellent reviews from previous guests.

This hotel on a boat might be particularly suitable for those looking for an untraditional place to stay in Stockholm.

Victory Hotel stands out with its nautical-themed decor and maritime antiques.

Victory Hotel Stockholm, good place to stay in Gamla Stan

Located in the heart of the Old Town, it offers easy access to major attractions like the Royal Palace and Stortorget. Guests appreciate the hotel’s excellent breakfast and the friendly, helpful staff.

This hotel is perfect for history enthusiasts seeking a central and character-filled stay.

See more photos & book here.

As I said – I recommend staying in Gamla Stan for first-time travellers to Stockholm, but it’s a small area, so it might be hard to find a hotel in peak season.

So let’s look at another fantastic area to stay in Stockholm for first-timers and tourists.

2. Norrmalm – stay in the city centre close to everything 🏨

Norrmalm is just a short walk across the bridge to the north from Gamla Stan, where you’ll find what could be called Stockholm City Centre.

If you stay in Norrmalm, you’re guaranteed to be in the centre of Stockholm and can easily travel to other areas you wish to explore.

See the best hotels in Norrmalm here.

Norrmalm, stay in the city centre of Stockholm

Much like Gamla Stan, there are plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars here – precisely what you’d expect from a modern capital the size of Stockholm.

This is also where the city’s central train station (Centralstationen) is located.

In my opinion, Norrmalm is the second-best area to stay in Stockholm.

Gamla Stan is more charming with its old buildings, but Norrmalm is a good alternative, and it may be easier to find a cheaper hotel here since both the area and the selection are larger.

Places to stay in Norrmalm

There are, of course, plenty of good hotels in Norrmalm – both luxury and slightly cheaper alternatives.

Elite Adlon, good hotel in Norrmalm

Suppose you’d like to stay at one of the better hotels in Norrmalm.

In that case, I recommend Elite Hotel Adlon, a 4-star hotel with various room types, providing excellent accommodation options for families with children, couples, and solo travellers.

Grand Hotel, best luxury hotel in Stockholm

If you want to stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in Stockholm, with a swimming pool, four restaurants, rooms overlooking Stockholm’s harbour, and a spa area, then book your stay at Grand Hôtel Stockholm.

It’s undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Norrmalm and probably all of Stockholm. So, this is a great option if you want to stay at a luxury hotel in Stockholm.

However, there are also many cheap hotels in Norrmalm. One of the best and most conveniently located is Comfort Hotel Xpress Stockholm Central.

Comfort Hotel Xpress, cheap hotel in Stockholm City Centre

The hotel is next to Stockholm Central Station, the city’s largest train station and a great hub to stay at if you want to go around and experience a lot in the Swedish capital.

Just be aware when choosing a room at the hotel – the cheapest rooms don’t have windows, which is the primary reason the hotel doesn’t score top marks from previous guests.

It’s clearly stated when booking, so if you don’t want to stay in a cheap room without a window, choose one of the other options.

And then it’s one of the best cheap hotels in Stockholm city centre.

See more pictures and book online here.

Queen’s Hotel by First Hotels has a super central location, and the price isn’t too bad either.

Queen's Hotel Stockholm

This central location provides easy access to shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The hotel combines comfort and affordability, making it a solid choice for budget-conscious travellers.

Reviews often mention the clean, spacious rooms and the welcoming staff.

See more photos & book here.

3. Södermalm – stay in Stockholm’s hipster area 👩🏻‍🎨

On my first trip to Stockholm, I stayed in the Södermalm area south of Gamla Stan.

This is a more alternative part of the city than the two areas mentioned above.

It’s the cool hipster area all major European cities have, like Kreuzberg in Berlin, Vesterbro in Copenhagen, Shoreditch in London, etc.

Only much larger, thus giving a feeling of having more space around you.

See the best hotels in Södermalm here.

Södermalm, best area to stay in for trendy vibes

Södermalm is often on lists of the coolest areas in the world, and it’s undoubtedly where you’ll find the most hipster-like atmosphere in Stockholm.

With that comes lively nightlife, so if you’d like to go out and perhaps visit less traditional nightclubs, Södermalm is an excellent choice.

I would also choose Södermalm as a base if I were going to Stockholm with my partner, and we never go out on the town – so it’s not just because of the nightlife that you should choose to book a hotel in Södermalm.

By the way, I highly recommend walking up Mariaberget, where you’ll get a phenomenal view over Gamla Stan and the rest of central Stockholm.

To be close to the rest of Stockholm, I’d recommend choosing a hotel in the northern part of Södermalm.

Places to stay in Södermalm

Hotels in Södermalm are typically cheaper than in Gamla Stan and Norrmalm, so you can find some great deals here.

Scandic hotel Södermalm, good place to stay in the hipster area

I stayed at the Scandic Malmen Hotel, ideally located right next to the Medborgarplatsen square and where there’s also a metro station.

It was, by the way, somewhat cheaper than hotels further into the city centre 😉

Nofo Hotel, luxury hotel in Södermalm

If you’re looking for a more luxurious hotel in Södermalm, NOFO Hotel is perfect.

It’s a 4-star hotel that’s extremely nice and has a perfect location within walking distance to Gamla Stan, so even if you’re staying in Södermalm, you can quickly get to the many famous sights in central Stockholm.

Clarion Hotel in Södermalm, best value for money hotel

If you’re okay with staying in the southern part of Södermalm, you should consider checking out Clarion Hotel Stockholm.

It’s a surprisingly cheap place to stay in Stockholm when considering what you get for your money.

Clarion Hotel Södermalm

It’s a luxurious 4-star hotel with rooms overlooking the harbour, an indoor pool, and a cosy atmosphere.

The downside is that you’re a bit away from the city centre of Stockholm, but if you want to save money and stay at an excellent hotel, it’s a great option.

See more photos and book online here.

Citybox Stockholm, newly opened in 2024, is an affordable and practical place to stay in Stockholm for young travellers.

Citybox Stockholm, cheap hotel in Södermalm

The hotel features a minimalist design with essential amenities, providing clean, comfortable rooms without extra frills.

Reviews highlight the efficient self-check-in process and the communal areas, which are perfect for meeting fellow travellers. Citybox is an excellent hotel for those looking to experience the city on a budget.

See more photos & book here.

4. Östermalm – best area to stay for families with children 👨‍👩‍👦

Östermalm is located just east of Norrmalm (central Stockholm with Drottninggatan, the main shopping street).

Östermalm is slightly less busy than Norrmalm, so I’d consider it the perfect area in Stockholm if you’re travelling with children.

See the best hotels in Östermalm here.

östermalm, where to stay in Stockholm for families with kids

That being said, none of the areas in this guide on where to stay in Stockholm wouldn’t be suitable for families with children.

The most significant advantage might be that, in Östermalm, you’re close to Djurgården and Gröna Lund, which is Stockholm’s equivalent to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen – so an amusement park you can’t miss if you’re travelling with kids 🎢

Both are things to do in Stockholm I highly recommend. Many sightseeing boat tours pass by, and a sightseeing boat tour is a must when travelling to Stockholm.

In Östermalm, I can also recommend stopping by Saluhall, which is a great indoor food market.

Places to stay in Östermalm

There are many good hotels in Östermalm, and you’ll stay within walking distance of most things in central Stockholm, making it an excellent area for a city break.

It’s slightly cheaper to stay here in Östermalm than in the absolute centre of Norrmalm, so you typically get a bit more for your money here.

Elite Eden Park, great hotel in Östermalm

One of the best 4-star hotels in the area is Elite Eden Park Hotel.

It’s a good hotel with large rooms next to a lovely park in the city centre of Stockholm, so several rooms have a stunning view.

The Sparrow, luxury hotel in Östermalm

If you’re looking for a slightly more luxurious hotel in Östermalm, you might want to look at The Sparrow Hotel.

The hotel has everything you need to relax after a day of sightseeing in Stockholm – and it scores excellent ratings from previous guests, so it’s a safe choice if you want to stay in the best surroundings in Östermalm.

Best Western Hotel Karlaplan in Östermalm offers a blend of comfort and convenience in one of Stockholm’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

Best Western Hotel Karlaplan

Previous guests often commend the hotel’s clean, well-appointed rooms and the hearty complimentary breakfast.

The proximity to the metro station and peaceful surroundings make it suitable for both leisure and business travellers looking for a comfortable stay in an upscale area.

See more photos & book here.

I hope you found this travel guide helpful in deciding where to stay in Stockholm and that you’re now ready to book your hotel in the Swedish capital.

If you have any questions about your trip to Stockholm, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Frequently asked questions:

What’s the best area to stay in Stockholm for tourists?

The best area to stay in Stockholm for tourists is usually Gamla Stan (the old town) or Norrmalm, as they are centrally located and close to many of the city’s most popular attractions. However, there are also other suitable areas in Stockholm, which I cover in this guide.

When is the best time to visit Stockholm?

The best time to visit Stockholm is during the late spring and summer months (May to August) when the weather is mild and daylight hours are longer. However, these months also tend to be the busiest and most expensive. If you don’t mind cooler weather, visiting during the shoulder seasons (April-May and September-October) can be a good option for fewer crowds and lower prices.

How much do hotels in Stockholm cost?

The prices for hotels in Stockholm vary depending on the season and location. Prices can range from around 80 euros to over 300 euros per night. Generally, hotels in the city centre and in the most popular areas are more expensive than hotels in the areas further out. In this guide, I recommend, among others, a really good hotel in southern Södermalm, which would be twice as expensive if it were located in the centre.

How long should I spend in Stockholm to see most of it?

I recommend spending at least three days in Stockholm to see most of the city’s main sights and experience its culture and atmosphere.

Is Stockholm an expensive city to visit?

Stockholm can be an expensive city to visit, especially regarding dining out and accommodation. However, there are ways to save money, such as staying in budget-friendly hotels or hostels, using public transportation, and visiting free attractions like parks and museums.

What is the best way to get around Stockholm?

Stockholm has an efficient and extensive public transport system, including buses, trams, ferries, and the metro (the Tunnelbana). The city is also walkable and bike-friendly, making exploring different neighbourhoods and attractions on foot or by bike easy.

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